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CV Advice

Try not to make your CV any longer than 2 pages. Focus on spacing, font style and size and layout to maximise this space.

  1. Format your CV so it reads clearly, the following is a good guideline to stick to;
    • Personal details (name/address/contact details)
    • Personal statement
    • Current employment
    • Past employment
    • Education
    • Interests/hobbies
    • References
  2. Ensure that you make your personal statement exactly that – PERSONAL. The last thing any potential employer wants is to read the same paragraph 20 times! Ok, so you may be hardworking and dedicated – but so is everyone else! Write down what makes you passionate about the industry or type of role that you are in. it will bring much more positive attention to those first couple of paragraphs.
  3. Make your employment section totally relevant to the role you’re applying for. You may be able to provide a multitude of skills that could turn your CV into an essay, so just pick the 3 or 4 that are most relevant for the specific role you’re applying for and expand on them. There is nothing to gain by including irrelevant content. Set each job out in the same format – dates, company name, job title then description.
  4. References need to come from a figure head, be that your old boss or University lecturer (if you are fresh out of a degree). Mrs Jones down the road writing how wonderful you are at helping her cross the road is simply NOT going to do you any favours – this isn’t your school personal statement for a college placement....these references need to reflect what you have done and the relevant experience that you have acquired, so think carefully about who you want singing your praises.
  5. And finally – spell and grammar check your document! There is nothing worse than opening up a CV to find that half of the content is incorrectly spelt. It shows laziness and a lack of dedication to finding a new role – not a great impression when you are actively seeking that next step on your career ladder!

Your CV is critical in making a good first impression to both recruitment agency and employer – if you don’t show that you are committed to finding a new role by putting effort in, then why should anyone else be dedicated for you!? Only those that are truly interested will find their next perfect job!

Good luck in re-working those CVs....if you want any further help then don’t be scared to ask one of us – as we are, after all, here to help!